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My music appearing in Indie Films

Dante, 2007

Broken Orbit, 2012

Skid Steer, 2013

Ed Gein: The Musical, 2010

Where's the Ice? 2013

Records where my songs are released by friends & cowriters:

Kim Manning:

Good People, Space Queen (co-writes/backing vox)

Eric Mcfadden:

Inside Out (co-writes/duet on Blood Suckinʻ baby)

Johnny Lowebowe

Love is Like a Goodwill Store (co-writes)

Aloha ʻia nō ʻo Maui -Institute for Hawaiian Music Compliation

Steel Bridge Song Fest Compilations Vols. 6 & 7

Dark Songs Vol. 1 & 2

Sound Track to Ed Gein: The Musical

Gun Shy of a Kiss - 2010

Co-produced with David Vartanian & Sigmund Snopek III. ADAT & Protools.Featuring Milwaukee Symphony players. A sampler of the many styles I write and perform with over forty great musicians. Voted in top 200 albums of 2010, Green Arrow Radio

Bounty on My Heart - 2014

Co-produced with Steve Hamilton, Makin Sausage Music & Dan Stoffels on Protools. Stripped down Americana. Purely American Roots music, folk, country, old R&B, appalachianish. Guitar,Vocals, Upright, Bass, Steel Guitar. Minimal Production.

No Whiskey in a Good Girl's River - 2006

My first record. Indie-Americana, on 2 inch analog tape mixed in Protools. a good start with my coproducer Tony Scholl. Reviewed in Music Row Magazine by Robert K. Oermann, "This Milwaukee singer songwriter has a languid delivery and oddball production style accompanied by her own electric guitar playing"