2016 Na Hoku Hano Hano Awards Winners  Maui Now (Maui, HI)

"If Marie Osmond is a little bit country and a little bit rock'n'roll, Owens is also that and more."

--Molly Snider-Edler, music reviewer


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This songwriter and musician completely absorbed Joni Mitchell’s classic album Court and Spark among many other influences in writing and recording one of the most musically ambitious recent album by any solo indie artist, Gun Shy of a Kiss. The project featured nearly 40 musicians including a quartet from the Milwaukee Symphony string section, and arrangements by Sigmund Snopek III and top area jazzers Warren Weigratz and Jeff Pietrangelo. So she mixes high-bred style with barroom ballsiness like few musicians in recent memory. But the album wears its musical weight gracefully, unpretentiously, delightfully. “Gun Shy” resembles Mitchell’s iconic album only in the subtlest of ways -- like the quirky complex harmonic swerves of “Music and the Moonshine,” and the musical savvy and vision. But all her sass and romance can’t hide a poet’s sense and roots musician’s soul. She deftly paints pictures of the wayward road, of “bad news,” of life’s dark side -- and of humanity’s tough spirit.

--Kevin Lynch, Shepherd Express


Miss Meaghan Owens is a veteran of Nashville clubs, Summerfest shows, songwriting showcases like the Steel Bridge Festival and many, many miles touring in a van. Armed with a laser wit in her lyrics and, a bushel basket of songs writers twice her age would be proud of and charm to burn, the troubadour is a comforting presence on stage . Owens effortlessly fuses Americana, rootsy pop, Nu-folk, old school style country and blues....and I am always captivated by her Paddy Fineran, Racine Journal Times


2016 Hoku Hano Nominations for Best Hawaiian language songs & Best Hawaiian Music compilation

2007 WAMI nominee for best Bluegrass/Americana Artist
Top 200 Albums of 2010Green Arrow Radio-Madison, WI for Gunshy of a Kiss  

“How do you like that little girl? She’s the genuine article!”--Folk music legend/5 time grammy winner-- Ramblin Jack Elliott

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"Miss Meaghan Owens' voice is so downright filled with meaning and sass that I don't quite know how to describe it. Owens is a delight as a person and a treat as a storyteller. Don't let her "cute" fool ya either. She can sing a song that'll make you blush, but the next one can make you want to watch your back on the way out and the whole way home. She is a memorable songwriter and I wouldn't just take it from me, check her out."
--Green Arrow Radio Review

DJ Mister G Feb 13, 2011


“This girl is an awesome one of a kind entertainer with a totally different twist on songwriting. She’s not a cookie cutter singer, she has her own special style, that's my opinion and I am stickin’ to it!”--

Roy August(Nashville Hit Writer)